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Review of the MOMO lens by M. Hakár

MOMO 100 is really small lens with a robust design produces an image, which was inspired by the legendary Vest Pocket Kodak, which was especially popular in Asian countries. Its...

Ultralight Panohead for Madoka

Ultralight Panohead for Yasuhara Madoka E & XF (+7°) Summary The Ultralight Panohead is compact, lightweight, and easy to use for shooting 360° x 180° spherical panorama photos. Originally designed for extended...

WALP soft for MADOKA users

Get no-distortion ultra wide angle picture WALP function As MADOKA is a circular fisheye lens, the picture taken with this lens has distortion. The software "WALP" will cancel the distortion and correct...

Yasuhara NANOHA TUBE review

Yasuhara NANOHA TUBE review   We ( have received the Nanoha extension tubes - specifically the Sony NEX version - for testing a few days ago .  The extension tubes have been...

NANOHA x5 for Canon EOS M

NANOHA x5 is available also for Canon EOS M   After Canon's introduction of the new EOS M camera, Yasuhara is coming to the market with the NANOHA x5 macro lens with...

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Claims and returns

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Warranty and claims, returns conditions for  www.


warranty and claimsWarranty.


The warranty period is 24 months unless otherwise stated for the product and starts on the day of receipt of the product by the customer. Given warranty does not apply to defects and damage caused by non-standard manipulation, unsuitable use or improper product care.

Warranty service is provided by the e-shop operator. On demand we provide information about service centers by phone or e-mail.


Resolving claims.


In the event a defect occurs on the purchased product the customer is entitled to exercise the right of the liability for product defects – set up a complaint. The buyer is entitled to apply warranty to the seller only if the product shows defects caused by the manufacturer, supplier or seller, if the warranty applies to the product and it was purchased from the seller. The buyer has no right to apply warranty for defects which he was warned of at the time of making the contract or about which he must have known with regard to the circumstances when making the contract.


The warranty does not apply to damage caused by natural or excessive mechanical wear, contamination of the product or its parts due to neglect of maintenance, product use under conditions which do not meet the requirements with regard to temperature, dustiness, humidity, chemical and mechanical impacts of the environmnent in which the product is commonly used. The warranty does not apply to damage caused due to natural disaster, violent damage and weather conditions. The entitlement to exercise the warranty expires if evident defects are not announced during receipt of the product.


The seller is obliged to resolve the complaint and terminate the complaint resolution process in one of the following ways:

a) handing in a repaired product,

b) replacement of the product,

c) repay of the purchase price of the product,

d) payment of respective discount from the price of the product,

e) reasoned rejection of the complaint.


Complaints protocol, place for delivery of claimed product.


If you want to reclaim any product, please, contact us in advance. Send the reclaimed product (preferably after agreement with us) to the address, Karloveská 32, 842 02 Bratislava. We recommend you to insure the product and send it in a package as a registered letter. Do not send the product cash on delivery. Enclose a copy of the tax document into the package which was sent to you with the product and a copy of the receipt from the supplier. Also fill in the form of complaint and send it to us. We will confirm the receipt of the complaint within 24 hours.


After receiving of the reclaimed product we will contact you immediately by e-mail or phone and we will agree on a quick solution of your problem. The supplier will decide on the complaint immediately, in complex cases within 3 days. In reasoned cases mainly if the situation calls for difficult assessment of the condition of the product within 30 days from the day of application of the complaint.


After expiration of this period the buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract or he is entitled to have the product replaced for a new product. The buyer shall be informed about the outcome of the complaint immediately after termination of the complaint resolution process by phone and the complaint protocol will be delivered per e-mail or registered mail. You can keep yourself informed about the complaint resolution process by phone on workdays from 8.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m. or by e-mail.


Contact person: Tereza Švantnerová,

phone No.: 00421 948 126 444,



Subsequently you will be asked by phone, e-mail or registered letter to take over the repaired product or we will directly deliver the product together with complaint protocol as a registered letter.

During complaint application the customer is obliged to deliver the claimed product in original packaging inclusive manuals, installation media, copy of delivery record and invoice or receipt. Repair within warranty period is free of charge.

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