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Yasuhara - Nanoha macro lens 5:1, Micro 4/3

Home EU consumers Yasuhara NANOHA x5 Yasuhara - Nanoha macro lens 5:1, Micro 4/3

Yasuhara - Nanoha macro lens 5:1, Micro 4/3

Manufacturer: Yasuhara Co., Ltd.
Code: Nanohax5(M)_(EU)
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448,38 €

Yasuhara - Nanoha macro lens 5:1, Micro 4/3

Technical specifications and contents

Heart of the NANOHA x5 consists of ten spherical glass lenses arranged in seven groups. Individual elements are coated by one or more surface layers, which prevent reflection and mechanical damage. It is possible to focus in 11 – 19 mm range with resulting 4x to 5x magnification, that is 4:1 and 5:1. The body of the lens is mostly metal, excluding the light module and the material of the mount differs depending on the camera type. The mount is made of steel on the Sony NEX (E-mount) and of aluminum on the micro 4/3. The removable light module includes 3 LEDs, whose running life is thousands of hours according to the manufacturer. The lens was designed in Japan and manufactured in China, but before sale every single piece undergoes a final inspection in Japan.

What is in the box:
- lens

- portable USB power supply PS-01
- USB cable
- four holders for taking pictures without a tripod (holders are made of

  plastic and it is possible to          

  them by cutting, to fit the size of the object)
- small cross-head screwdriver
- manual

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