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Review of the MOMO lens by M. Hakár

MOMO 100 is really small lens with a robust design produces an image, which was inspired by the legendary Vest Pocket Kodak, which was especially popular in Asian countries. Its...

Ultralight Panohead for Madoka

Ultralight Panohead for Yasuhara Madoka E & XF (+7°) Summary The Ultralight Panohead is compact, lightweight, and easy to use for shooting 360° x 180° spherical panorama photos. Originally designed for extended...

WALP soft for MADOKA users

Get no-distortion ultra wide angle picture WALP function As MADOKA is a circular fisheye lens, the picture taken with this lens has distortion. The software "WALP" will cancel the distortion and correct...

Yasuhara NANOHA TUBE review

Yasuhara NANOHA TUBE review   We ( have received the Nanoha extension tubes - specifically the Sony NEX version - for testing a few days ago .  The extension tubes have been...

NANOHA x5 for Canon EOS M

NANOHA x5 is available also for Canon EOS M   After Canon's introduction of the new EOS M camera, Yasuhara is coming to the market with the NANOHA x5 macro lens with...


About Yasuhara distribution

Published: 20.01.2012

The founder of the e-shop and distribution is MakroFoto Co., Ltd.
Company ID: 45890714
Tax ID: 20 23 12 89 21
VAT ID: SK2023128921

MakroFoto Co., Ltd. is registered for VAT at the District Court in Bratislava in Section Co, Ltd (sro), Reg. No. 68284 / B (or an extract from the Slovak Register)



Residence, contact and billing address:
MakroFoto Co., Ltd.
Karloveská 32
842 02 Bratislava
The Slovak Republic


Managing Director, responsible leader: Mrs. Teresa Švantnerová

Contacts data for communication with the e-shop/distribution:
Karloveská 32
842 02 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
Phone: +421 (0) 948 126 444 (weekdays 9:00 to 17:00 hrs)

Banks - account numbers:
2924845918 / 1100 (Tatra Banka Slovakia)
0635038555/0900 (SLSP Slovakia)
2818669551/0200 (VUB Slovakia)



In case that the  purchased
goods has a manufacturing defect, you are entitled to apply the law of responsibility for defected goods - to claim it. We are obliged to solve the complaint and follow the complaint procedure by following:

a) handing over the goods repaired;
b) to exchange of goods,
c) refund the purchase price,
d) payment of a reasonable discount from the price of goods
e) the justification for rejecting the claim of the goods.
Claim office:
Karloveská 32
842 02 Bratislava
Phone: +421 (0) 948 126 444

The supervisory authority
Inspectorate SOI for the Bratislava region

Prievozská 32, P.O. Box 5.820 07 Bratislava 27
Department of technical control and customer protection

Phone: +421 02 58 272 172 or 3,
FAX: + 421 02 58 272 170


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