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Review of the MOMO lens by M. Hakár

MOMO 100 is really small lens with a robust design produces an image, which was inspired by the legendary Vest Pocket Kodak, which was especially popular in Asian countries. Its...

Ultralight Panohead for Madoka

Ultralight Panohead for Yasuhara Madoka E & XF (+7°) Summary The Ultralight Panohead is compact, lightweight, and easy to use for shooting 360° x 180° spherical panorama photos. Originally designed for extended...

WALP soft for MADOKA users

Get no-distortion ultra wide angle picture WALP function As MADOKA is a circular fisheye lens, the picture taken with this lens has distortion. The software "WALP" will cancel the distortion and correct...

Yasuhara NANOHA TUBE review

Yasuhara NANOHA TUBE review   We ( have received the Nanoha extension tubes - specifically the Sony NEX version - for testing a few days ago .  The extension tubes have been...

NANOHA x5 for Canon EOS M

NANOHA x5 is available also for Canon EOS M   After Canon's introduction of the new EOS M camera, Yasuhara is coming to the market with the NANOHA x5 macro lens with...


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István Takács is testing The MADOKA 180
Published: 06.07.2012

The Hungarian photographer István Takács got the MADOKA 180 serial No. 00005 to try the quality and performance of the new Yasuhara fisheye lens. István is testing the lens with SONY NEX 5 camera.

The Nanoha x5 has been tested by D. Beno
Published: 18.04.2012

I have recently been contacted by e-shop and if i would be interested in making a review of a new specialized macro lens Nanoha x5. I was really pleased, because this type of macro lenses with extreme magnification, is a big attraction not only for me.   Let me introduce it then. As already stated in the previous review it is...

NANOHA x5 and its power
Published: 23.03.2012

Is Nanoha x5 a macro lens or a microscope? For customers amazed by macro photography we are demonstrating the capabilities and abilities of the unique macro lens Yasuhara Nanoha x5. We have introduced the Nanoha x5 lens in March in a review prepared by photography web site. In the present a recognized macrophotographer Dušan Beňo is preparing a collection of pictures using Nanoha x5 and  Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10 camera. We will soon introduce the Nanoha x5 lens in its full strength and will try to compare this lens with its older "brother" made by Canon - MP-E 65mm 1-5x Macro.

MADOKA 180 tested in Canada
Published: 11.03.2012

The prototype of the Yasuhara Madoka 180 lens was tested by the manufacturer in Canada on the night sky covered by aurora borealis. We bring you the final VR panoramas to judge the possibilities and abilities of Madoka. Enjoy the aurora borealis in virtual reality. Madoka 180 gives you a wide view on the beautiful night sky covered by an...

NANOHA x5 review
Published: 30.01.2012

Review of the NANOHA x5 lens from the Japanese manufacturer Yasuhara(Independent review for written by Michal Kroupa. Published without any interference to the rating and content)There is about 10 official kinds of SONY NEX lenses available at the market. It is mostly boring zoom-lenses with lousy lighting. The situation got a little better with the introduction of the NEX-7....

About Yasuhara distribution
Published: 20.01.2012

The founder of the e-shop and distribution is MakroFoto Co., Ltd. Company ID: 45890714 Tax ID: 20 23 12 89 21 VAT ID: SK2023128921 MakroFoto Co., Ltd. is registered for VAT at the District Court in Bratislava in Section Co, Ltd (sro), Reg. No. 68284 / B (or an extract from the Slovak Register)     Residence, contact and billing address:...

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